Saying you’re an internet marketer is always a cool feeling and it’s great telling other people what you do. But while saying you’re an internet marketer makes an interesting argument, it’s undoubtedly even more interesting to tell people that you have a digital empire. That just sounds awesome! And if you’re good at what you do and you’re really making the most of this industry then this is be a legitimate claim.

What is a Digital Empire?

Internet 003First and foremost, what we mean is that you have multiple aspects to your business model. So instead of just having a website, or just having a social media page, you’re going to instead have a multitude of different channels and platforms through which to promote yourself.

Now you’re not just someone with one means of communicating to your audience, instead you’re a brand and you have lots of different avenues to making an impact and making money.

Ideally this also means having multiple revenue streams. Maybe you have several different products you’re selling, some affiliate and others that belong to you, and perhaps you also make some money from ads. Teach of these different revenue streams is then a different part of your ‘empire’ and a different leg of your business.

Perhaps you also have people working for you as freelancers? Again, it’s all part of your empire.

Not only does all this sound cool and bring with it a real sense of accomplishment but it’s also just better for business. Having multiple revenue streams and lots of different platforms helps to make you a more ‘resilient’ business so that even when markets fluctuate or trends change, you won’t be vulnerable.

Start out with a simple business model to generate some cash sure. But beyond that, aim big and build your empire!