Brain Dead Simple Formula Builds Entire Businesses…

…yet it’s a technique most marketers aren’t even aware of yet.

Idea_light-bulbAnd it’s as easy as turning video PLR snippets into lists and cash.

Here’s how it works: Find some good, solid PLR videos that instruct on how to do something (or you can do these videos by yourself). They should cover the step by step method to achieve a goal. They don’t need to be fancy but they do need good information that people want.

Once you’ve got your videos, watch them to find the “good” parts. These are the little 2-3 minute segments that teach something especially useful most people don’t know. Really you only need one of these segments, but if you find several, that’s even better.

Copy that segment into a file of its own. You can use most any video program to do this. Basically you make a copy of that video, then cut out everything you don’t want, leaving that 2-3 minute segment.